Why Voox DD50 takes care of girls’ skin so well – vooxthailand.com

Many people may think, what adjustments could we possibly make to the new formula? Aside from making it an amazing sunscreen, the answer is no matter how strong UV rays are, it can’t penetrate and hurt our skin! Today let’s look at what Voox DD50 can do for you.

  • It is a sunscreen lotion that brightens the skin without making you look washed out and gray. It is smooth and blends into the skin very naturally. Plus it adjusts the shade of our skin immediately. No need fear that it won’t match our original skin tone.
  • Apply it and you can immediately go out in the sun! No need to wait or waste time. If you’re in need of urgent sun protection, apply VOOX DD50 and show your bright and radiant skin immediately. Ready to travel, ready to work fully!
  • It’s a sunscreen that has been applied it’s like applying serums, nourishing creams, along with sunscreen in one step. Take care of all that your skin needs. Because we have ingredients to nourish, take care of, protect all in one formula that reduces both dry skin problems and wrinkles in itself.
    It can be said that the efficiency is good, strong, and no.1 in its field. Just open your heart to try it once and you’ll definitely be impressed.