Why Voox DD50 is the first choice of sunscreen that girls trust. – vooxthailand.com

When you think of sunscreen lotion that girls will trust to carry everywhere, to the beach, on a trip or to work, or when leaving the house during the day but you have to carry it. Voox DD50 remains no. 1 in the hearts of our users because…

  • Our lotion is not just a good sunscreen, but a sunscreen formula that is very complete. We have a combination sunscreen including physical sunscreen properties that reflects UV rays and chemical sunscreen properties that absorbs UV rays before penetrating our skin layers to hurt our skin. Therefore, by reducing the disadvantages, strengthening advantages our sunscreen lotion protects the skin more perfectly.
  • Protect the skin up to 3 layers, from UV rays that come with sunlight, both UVA / UVB, Blue Light from the mobile computer screen and IR radiation that make the skin heat up and gets easily irritated.

It can be said that it is a friendly-priced lotion that protects the skin outstandingly, that doesn’t lose to any other, SPF50 PA+++, and adjusts the skin to be moisturized, bright, healthy, and flawless ^ ^