Why is Voox DD50 a must-have that girls in this era can’t live without! – vooxthailand.com

If talking about a house staple sunscreen lotion that you have to have with you, you definitely won’t regret it. Voox DD50 is another great item that is definitely more than just sunscreen.

  • Because our ingredients include innovative extracts and formulations from the Arctic Ocean, the ultimate ingredient that helps to protect the skin to be stronger. Even exposure to light, or UV, your skin won’t be dull or easily hurt. The skin is strong and healthy.
  • With ingredients that stimulate the production of collagen under the skin and have hyaluronic acid to help lock the water in the skin, it also increases the firmness of the skin. In addition to sunscreen it also helps the skin to be moisturized, healthy, and reduce shabby skin. The more often applied, the more impressed you’ll be.
  • Contains cherry blossoms to help reduce wrinkles that darken the skin and inhibit the process of making the skin wrinkle. The more you apply it regularly, the more you are ready to show off your beautiful and healthy skin continuously.
    Any girl who wants to apply sunscreen and skin vitamins and instantly increase their whiteness in one step, Voox DD50 is the answer!