Why is the new Voox DD50 formula even more impressive from the first touch! – vooxthailand.com

For the girls who want to solve the question of why Voox DD50 adjusts the new formula, and why it dominates the hearts of our users. We have answers for you.

  • Our lotion is not only longwearing in the sun and prevents darkening, but it keeps the skin cool, without burning the skin like it used to. Because in the lotion contains natural plant extracts, Knotgrass that protects the skin from infrared rays. It helps reduce the heat that passes through our skin, so the skin is stays cool and worry-free.
  • It’s a sunscreen that when applied gives a white and healthy complexion as if you were born naturally this shade. It looks radiant, smooth, moisturized, and natural so the more you use it, the more indispensable it is.
  • Protect the skin from the sun very well. There are ingredients to help reflect UV rays from the skin. You’ll feel that even after being in the sun for a long time, you can come home and your skin hasn’t dulled at all. Therefore, the new Voox DD50 formula is one of the first sunscreen options that have been used and there is definitely no disappointment.