What makes the new Voox DD50 formula standout, a sunscreen and nourishing vitamins at the same time! – vooxthailand.com

It’s more than worth it! Using the new Voox DD50 sunscreen lotion formula is like giving gifts to our skin every day. It restores your skin to its beautiful appearance, whitened and much more brightened, plus restoring your skin to be moisturized, glowing and radiant.

  • We optimized skin protection up to 10x! Including UV protection, blue light protection, infrared radiation and even various pollutions during the day. The lotion is longwearing and protects the skin for long periods of time, it does not allow various pollutants to directly contact your skin because our cream lasts all day. You don’t need to apply often, as it is waterproof and sweatproof.
  • It is also a nourishing every time you use it. Because we include a multitude of premium ingredients, extracts often used in famous brands, including cherry blossom extracts, North Pole extracts and many more. Apply it once, 2 in 1, both as skin care and sunscreen.
    Therefore, any girl who wants to make the most of skin care and sunscreen in one, it is very worthwhile. Including “white aura”, “sunscreen” and nourishing, rejuvenating, spreading the skin protection armor Voox DD50 will definitely not disappoint.