How does the new Voox DD50 formula protect the skin better than before? –

If the sunscreen alone is too normal, this time we adjusted the new formula. We provide a 3 in 1 to protect the skin from 3 main factors that hurt the skin easily. Let it be said that it is a sunscreen that the more you apply, the whiter you get, the healthier the skin. Ready to show off to your friends, or partner and feel confident ^ ^

  • It protects the skin from pollution very well, not just from the sun! Be it air pollution such as toxic mist, PM2.5 dust or various soot that affects us during the day. Don’t worry about your skin being irritated or the accumulation of dirt to the point of hurting the face.
  • Protect from the sun up to 50 times. There are ingredients that help reflect UV rays from the sun, including both UVA and UVB, and Blue Light, making it almost impossible for UV rays to harm our skin!
  • Helps reduce the transmission of heat to the skin with natural ingredients that protects the skin from infrared radiation effectively. It’s because of this radiation that normal sunscreens aren’t very effective and cause irritation and wrinkles on our skin.
    So, this new Voox DD50 formula is made to give us perfect skin! No matter who sees it, they have to stop and look!