What makes Voox DD50 Special! New formula, what makes it more premium? – vooxthailand.com

In addition to being number 1 in whitening and being longwearing, this time, we increased the efficiency of the best value, protecting the skin to be more beautiful with the following qualities:

  • The texture of the lotion protects our skin from all pollution very effectively, like creating a shield to protect the skin at all times. There is no need to fear that your skin will darken easily or that it will be damaged to the point of losing confidence in your appearance. This is thanks to our special ingredients, especially the Arctic sea extracts that helps protect the skin to be firm, moisturized, strengthened while reducing wrinkles.
  • It’s not just an anti-dark skin sunscreen, but also includes extracts from Sakura that help reduce dullness as well. The more you apply before leaving the house on a regular basis, the more it helps our skin. It simultaneously whitens your skin in the short run and long run.
  • And the extra special effect of our sunscreen is its ability to adjust the skin tone. It’s immediate whitening effect, regardless of what your original skin tone is, dark skin or already white, it will adjust your skin to look brighter instantly, ready to work or to show off your skin immediately!

Therefore, anyone who wants to choose a premium sunscreen that is different, unbeatable in its exceptionality, let Voox DD50 be your favorite item!